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years ago I was in need of a lifestyle change, or face a life on blood pressure and cholesterol pills...and I was only 38! I found the one and only CrossFit at that time in the Prescott area. CrossFit Prescott has stood the test of time. Owner, Joey Powell is simply the best trainer I could have wished for to keep me in shape! He is a well educated, attentive trainer with an emphasis on safe, effective training. I love showing up and simply training. The streamlined classes allow me to get in a full body workout and cardio in 1 to 1.5 hours. Now at 43, I feel great and can keep up with my active kids, which is exactly what I wanted when I started at CrossFit Prescott. If you\'re into a real, life changing gym without the stere
Paul Berry


A great training center for everyone! If you're a athlete or just the average Joe CFP/ Praxis Athletics is for you. They have several different workout routines ranging from their "Basic Training"up to the "CF Athlete" everyone will get fit and strong. I first met Joey over 5 years ago and he helped me get back into shape and I lost over 50lbs in the first six months. Joey is the only NSCA CSCS coach that owns a CF gym in the Prescott area, he is always leaning and reading about fitness, strength, conditioning and weightlifting in order to make his clients healthy and stay safe. I would trust Joey with anyone in my family,,,including my Grandma.
Jim Richardson


This is a top-notch facility! Whether you are a beginner or advanced fitness enthusiast, you will only become your best self here if you put the work in. It is the home of the Eagle Softball team, for good reason, injury prevention is #1 on the mission list which enables us to enhance performance safely. Joey Powell holds his NSCA CSCS certification, making him a true strength coach, using progressions and research to develop programs to reach all ages, strengths, levels and athletes. I myself have my CSCS and an MS in Exercise Science and train here and only here. It is great atmosphere for all. I personally have grown as an athlete and am close to reaching goals that I once achieved as a college athlete 14 years ago. I attribute a lot of this to CFP/Praxis Athletics. I use their tools and put the work in. If you want a sound, systematically proven training program, come to CFP/Praxis Atheltics
Yogi Maese
Head Coach Embry-Riddle Softball


Short and sweet: CrossFit Prescott was instrumental in preparing me for one of the toughest selection courses in the Department of Defense. Without their help I would not have passed, if I even managed to get in the door. In more detail: During high school and through my first few years of college I had workout programs taken from books and online sources, which are great, but they are not tailored to your individual skill level or availability. Through my own doing I managed to injure myself because I was overtraining, not properly stretching and doing exercises incorrectly. When I went into CrossFit Prescott, broken and confused, Joey already knew what I had done wrong within the first thirty seconds of explaining my situation. It was at this time that I had my sights set on a career in the military, specifically USAF Pararescue. I can easily say that working with Joey and his crew at CrossFit Prescott set me up for success going into selection, and without that knowledge and skill level, I would have been injured before I could pass selection. The little techniques and habits that are ingrained at CrossFit Prescott are applicable to every person that wants to feel better and stronger, regardless of age. CrossFit Prescott is one of a kind, and is leaps and bounds ahead of many gyms that claim to teach Crossfit. This is a gym that focuses on safety and hard work. If you have an injury, a painful area, Joey or any of his staff will work their magic and put you on the path to recovery in no time so you can make those GAINS. So get off your couch.
Ben Brudnicki


In March of this year I attended family event that brought me from my home in San Diego, CA back to Prescott, AZ for a few days. During my trip, I once again made it a point to visit Praxis Athletics/Crossfit Prescott to workout and visit with the owner and founder Joey Powell. Joey and I had met about 5-6 years previous and I had made it a priority to keep in contact with him throughout the years when I came to visit or by phone / e-mail. I’ve been an athlete and an active person all of my life, along with being a firefighter. I have always been a guy who spent time in the gym and enjoyed many types of physical activities. I was first introduced to Crossfit in early 2007 and became an avid participant of the sport. During a business trip in 2008, I initially met Joey as he was pioneering his gym and developing his brand. I was immediately aware that there was something special about him as a person and that was definitely true about his coaching knowledge and style. I had been a part of a local “box” and had been around quite a bit of the culture by this time, but no one I had met seemed to match Joey’s knowledge level of biomechanics and skill sets. Joey helped me work through some areas of Olympic lifting that I was struggling with and even took me to a local pool to help me develop some swimming skills for military training. During my visit this year I expressed to Joey that I was wanting to tryout for a Special Operations Team in the Air Force. He told me about a workout he had developed to prepare guys for going into the various Special Operations pipelines. Immediately interested, I asked him to please send it to me so that I could begin. Within a few days I had begun “Dark Times”, a 12-week program that Joey had designed and had outfitted for me specifically based on some personal weight lifting measurements. The work was tough, but the results were undeniable. Within 2 weeks I began to see incredible changes in strength and endurance, in both my upper and lower body. By weeks 8&9 my squat had come up 80 lbs and pull-up and push up endurance had nearly doubled. At this time I scheduled a tryout with the 308th Pararescue Squadron at Patrick AFB, Fl. I completed the training schedule just in time for the tryout and felt very confident that I would be able to perform well based off of the numbers I was seeing in my daily workouts and on the track. Everything physical can be measured by results, and the results from the tryout spoke volumes to me about the training I had been doing under Joey’s long-distance coaching. Joey had sent me different videos and written explanations for certain exercises and the execution of various movements throughout the 12 weeks. At 35 years old I was able to stand out as a candidate during the tryout and was eventually selected to be able to enter into training for the Pararescue Squadron I was trying to get a slot with. This is only the very beginning of a very long process for my body to undergo and survive, but I believe that the initial training that I did to prepare for this selection process allowed me to be successful. I want to again thank Joey Powell for his help and oversight during this time, and I would highly encourage anyone that wants to excel physically, for any purpose, to consider and trust Joey’s Coaching brand that comes from a wealth of personal experience, professional, and military training.
James Schulze


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