CrossFit Prescott AZ: Non-subsidized. Grass Roots. Developmental. Purposeful. Proven.



To reach and influence the community by building a FITNESS-focused, STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING-based TRAINING CENTER, changing mindsets, ENHANCING PERFORMANCE and empowering people to lead and impact in every sphere of life.


To unapologetically create, implement and nurture properly constructed developmental and comprehensive approaches that are orthopedically sound, scientifically based, systematically implemented, and performance driven in order to develop a more efficient human animal/machine.


  1. Reducing the probability, and minimizing effects, of competition related injuries
  2. Reducing the probability, and minimizing effects, of active lifestyle related injuries
  3. Reducing the probability, and minimizing effects, of training related injuries
  4. Implementing practices that hone in on individual needs
  5. Increasing the knowledge level of all involved
  6. Harnessing the qualities of a dynamic group environment
  7. Improving physical performance by:
          • Increasing Joint Stability and optimize Joint Mobility
          • Increasing Metabolic Conditioning
          • Increasing Strength
          • Increasing Power
          • Increase Speed of Movement
          • Replication of Speed & Power
          • Better Balance: quicker and more responsive Righting Reflexes, equilibrium and control of the Center of Gravity (COG) with bodyweight movements and control of the Combined Center of Gravity (CCOG) with weightlifting movements.
          • Improve general motor programming and development of Primal Movement Patterns
          • Improve efficiency with Ground Reaction Forces (GRF)
          • Improve efficiency of Compensatory Action Reflexes (CAR)
          • Integration of intra & inter muscular coordination systems
          • Acceleration & Straight Ahead Speed
          • Agility & Lateral Speed